Our Story

It all started with sawadee ka


It all began with a shared passion for the Thai language and culture. Aom, a talented Thai language teacher, and Sergi, a tech-savvy entrepreneur, dreamt of creating an online platform that would bridge cultural gaps and connect people through language. They envisioned this school as a virtual gateway to Thailand, a place where the essence of the Thai language would flourish.

Mission & Vision

To empower learners worldwide with the knowledge of the Thai language and culture through accessible and engaging online education. We aim to foster cross-cultural understanding, facilitate meaningful connections, and inspire a lifelong love for Thailand.

Learn Thai with the best tutors

We free courses, exercises, vocabulary, and private lessons with Thai tutors.

Speaking & Listening

Master the art of authentic Thai conversation through immersive speaking and active listening practice with native tutors.

Tones & Pronunciation

Hone your Thai language precision by perfecting tones and pronunciation, ensuring your communication is clear and accurate.

Reading & Writing

Explore the richness of Thai literature and expression as you develop your reading comprehension and writing skills.

Thai Culture

Delve into the heart of Thailand's culture, traditions, and customs, enriching your language learning experience with deeper cultural insights.